Us Primer Clear

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Product details
Generic Type
Epoxy – polyamide. Part A and Part B mixed prior to application
General Properties
Penetrating clear primer-sealer for concrete surfaces prior to application of surfacers or polyurethane membranes. US Primer meets ASTM C-309 Type 1 specification for moisture retention of concrete (check local Air Pollution Regulations before use).
Excellent fast-drying material. Priming and sealing action provides excellent adhesion for surfacers and polyurethane membranes.
As a curing compound or form release agent. For application on “green” concrete walls to retard the escape of moisture during cure period. Excellent for use as a form coating on plywood or steel forms. Application prior to surfacing assures tight adhesion between concrete and surfacers or membranes. Compatibility with other coatings, surfacers and polyurethane membranes eliminates need for form release oils or curing oils.
Not Recommended for
Immersion in strong acids or solvents or in corrosive areas without recommended topcoat
Typical projects