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Product details


  • Low temperature resistance PVC swing door can achieve the effect of anti-collision through its own soft plastic deformation and play a buffer role, and can pass freely in both directions
  • When the door is opened for 90 degrees, it is positioned in both directions. The principle of eccentric axis is used. The door can automatically and quietly close completely after people or vehicles pass by depending on the weight of the door
  • The specially customized anti-collision plate can bear the direct impact door opening of forklift, hydraulic cart, small cart, etc., so that people and goods can pass faster and work effciency can be improved
  • Meet the environmental requirements of various working conditions, such as forklift and handcart operation. It can be used for water operation and easy to wash
  • Widely used: food processing, pharmacy, retail, cold storage, supermarket, kitchen, warehouse
  • Functions: automatic recovery of impact, sealing, heat preservation, pest prevention, wind prevention, sound insulation, odor prevention, etc.
  • Features: transparent, safe, light, power free, noiseless, easy to install, easy to clean, corrosion resistant, long service life, etc.

Technical data

  • Door panel:                        7mm (± 0.5mm) low temperature resistant PVC transparent soft curtain imported from France (PVC flexible)
  • Door frame:                        5mm aluminum alloy profile, surface anodized
  • Edge seam sealing:            Neoprene blade type sealing strip, sealing and reduce resistance
  • Hardware:                           304 stainless steel
  • Optional scuff plate:            Imported PE material
  • Fire resist:                           The fire retardant performance of the door panel is Grade B2.
  • Mechanism of action:          The upper and lower pass axes return to the hinge, and the torsion of the torsion spring 

Typical projects