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Product details


  • This model is quite fit for food and drug factory, clean room and dust-free workshop, it fit for the area where have very strict requirement of the hygienic and cleanliness indoor requirement.

Excellent Airtightness

  • Special zipper design structure , connects the fabric and guide rails as a whole body, eliminating gap between them. It obviously improves overall seal performance and air tightness.

 Self Repairing

  • When there is a collision accident by forklift or other objects, the door will not be damaged. And it can recover automatically or semi-automatically under hand assistance. This design effectively reduces the maintenance and repair work caused by collisions.

 Soft Bottom Edage

  • A flexible torsion spring or rubber is adopted as bottom balance weight, instead of hard aluminum alloy profile of regular rapid doors.

Technical Data

  • Max dimension:                            5000mm wide x 5000mm high
  • Max opening speed:                     2.5m/s
  • Max closing speed:                      1.0m/s
  • Power supply:                              1/phasse 220 ± 10%V, 50/60HZ
  • Wind resistance:                          Beaufort scale 10 (25m/s)
  • Protection level of electric:           IP55
  • Available colors of fabric:             Yellow, Blue, Red, Grey, White
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