Us Crete Lithium

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Product details
US CRETE LITHIUM is a lithium silicate hardener, a colorless, odorless, and an environmental friendly reactive concrete sealer designed to increase the lifetime and reduce maintenance of concrete floors.
Us Crete Lithium reacts strongly with the free lime in the concrete substrates, solidifying it into a homogeneous concrete mass. The hardened concrete improves its resistance to abrasion thus making it dust-proof and reduces water/oil penetration.
Forms a permanent, insoluble bond within the capillaries
Produces a hardened surface layer that is breathable, dense and abrasion resistant
Hardened surface is dust-proof as well as stain resistant
Non - yellowing, non - discoloring product and can resists tire marks
Mirror like finish when polished
A water - based, VOC - free and eco – friendly.
Use in high traffic areas such as: warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, textile mills, bottling plants, cold room, food processing plants, canning factories, aircraft hangar, carparks and service garages.
Typical projects