Us Crete 200SL

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Product details
Two component epoxy-amine.
General Properties : An advanced, self – leveling epoxy polymer that produces a smooth high gloss floor protection system with optimal housekeeping features. It provides excellent adhesion to properly prepared surfaces and offers cost – effective means for protecting floors from moderate truck traffic and chemical spills.
Provides a very smooth, aesthetic surface Easily cleaned
Long wearing – exhibits excellent abrasion resistance
Very low solvent content. Very low odor
US Crete 200SL is typically used to enhance, beautify and protect floors. It is recommended where trowel – done floor toppings are not needed but conventional coatings are inadequate in appearance and durability:
US Crete 200SL is used to smooth horizontal surfaces where decontamination, appearance, chemical and abrasion resistances are of prime consideration.
Not recommended for: applications in direct sunlight (may discolor), areas of heavy fork – lift traffic, as a thick film surfacing compound (accessory products are used for this). Not recommended for immersion service or where hydrostatic pressure may be a factor.
Typical projects