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Product details


  • Integrated bending molding door panel; Broken bridge design of PVC frame around the door panel.

  • The fluorine free polyurethane in the door panel is continuously foamed and molded at one time.

  • The inner and outer panels are made of 0.6mm thick (Baosteel) galvanized color coated steel plates. The surface is treated with two layers of electrostatic polyester baking paint.The baking paint thickness is not less than 28 microns, and the service life is more than 15 years. Optional material is SU304-2B 0.8mm stainless steel

  • Door panel thermal insulation coeffcient K≤0.024W/m2•oC), high temperature and high pressure foaming without air hole, foaming density ≥ 42kg/m3.

  • The door panel is embedded with the bearing frame at the inner side, and the hardware installation is embedded with reinforcement.

  • Fire rating is B2

  • Door frame is designed with electric wire slot, and the heating power is 45w/m.

  • Standard color is white gray (RAL9010) other color customizable.

Technical data

  • Door lock:                            Integrated design of safety escape and buckle lock

  • Upper track:                        V-shaped low contact surface track, embedded with chute device in the track

  • Lower track:                        Inverted U-shaped track, with limited travel and compaction

  • Traveling device:                 Long axis nylon roller; Low resistance and wear resistance

  • Suspension:                         Aluminum alloy die-casting component, surface sprayed with plastic

  • Compression device:          Wedge type plug-in compression seat

  • Threshold:                            Embedded PVC or aluminum alloy threshold, 220V, 45w/m automatic temperature heater

  • Sealing strip:                        Double EPDM sealing strip

  • Optional configuration:       Internal and external door opening device, door panel protection (wrapped with embossed  aluminum plate and nylon plate)

Typical projects