US Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a professional manufacturer in the field of Industrial Paints and Chemicals for Concrete Flooring under the name of US CRETE, which inherits the research and development achievements by the US Corporation of America.

Through the process of construction and development, US Vietnam has been present in most industrial parks in the country in particular and in Southeast Asia in general. We are proud to bring a line of quality paint products dedicated to the floor of the factory with durability, aesthetics, and environmentally friendly through international certifications such as HACCP International, Green Label, Intertek, SGS, ...


Industrial paint:

  • Epoxy floor paint
  • Poly Urethane floor paint

Construction chemicals:

  • Chemical Stiffening Concrete Floors
  • Chemical flooring concrete


  • By aspiration, effort and consistent development orientation, US Vietnam aims to become a leading company in industrial paint products and solutions for factories and factories in the Vietnam market. and Southeast Asia.
  • Provide high quality products based on advanced production technology, focus on researching and developing products in accordance with customer needs, competitive prices and environmentally friendly.


  • Profitability is the measure of perfection in the product, as well as customer appreciation for the efforts of US CRETE.
  • Building trust, protecting credibility and maintaining relationships with partners and customers is the responsibility of US Vietnam.
  • Human resources are the most valuable asset, the strength of the company. Build staff with professional, creative and enthusiastic working style.

With the motto "Customer Satisfaction is our success," US Vietnam is committed to providing products that meet the most demanding customer needs as well as the best quality of service.

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