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Product details

US SOLUTION dock seals are availbale in 3 types : retractable dock seal , sponge dock seal and inflatable dock seal. Dock seals act as a seal between the warehouse door opening and the truck body, ensuring maximum impermeability, preventing dust, wind, rain, insects and draughts from entering the facility. Standard dock shelters are able to accommodate vehicles of any size from small vans to semi - trailer trucks. It is especially convenient to use dock seals at warehouses where perishable goods and goods with special transport requirements are loaded.

Retractable Dock Seal

Characteristics Specification
  • Selection PVC with synthetic reinforcement remains flexible at a temperature range from -40°C to +60°C.
  • A retractable structure prevents damage to the dock shelter in case of incorrect parking.
  • The dock seal can have either a single upper sheet or a double upper sheet to ensure extra sealing. Do not require special maintenance.
Width: 3200 / 3400 / 3600mm
Height: 3400 / 3600 / 3800mm
Top Drape: 1000mm
Material of Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Side Drape: 600mm
Air Impermeability: Rainproof & Airtight 70%
Front Curtain
Longitudinal Tensile Force: >550N
Transverse Tensile Force: >900N
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 250N/mm²
Metal Friction Coeffcient: 0.3
PVC Friction Coeffcient: 0.4
Thickness: 3mm
Weight: 3.6kg/mm
Working Temperature: -35°C ~ +90°C
Side PVC Curtain
Tensile resistance: 250N
Thickness: 0.5mm
Weight: 0.7kg/mm
Working temperature: -35°C ~ +70°C
Aluminum Alloy Frame
Back End Profile Size: 50x44mm
Front End Profile Size: 45x44mm
Frame Size: 50x25x2.5mm


     Inflatable Dock Shelter 

  •      US SOLUTION inflatable dock shelters keep the indoor and outdoor sealedisolation when the industrial door is closed when it is not in working state,
  •  when entering the working state, the industrial door is opened.
  • The dock leveler cooperates with the door shelter to make the car It forms a closed loading and unloading environment with the interior to prevent the entry of external debris, airflow, rain, etc., and ensures that the loading and unloading work is carried out conveniently; cleanly and safely

 Sponge Dock Shelter 

  • US SOLUTION Sponge dock shelter provides a rainproof, windproof and air release convection operation environment, and provides a highly airtight operation space for buildings and trucks, as well as preventing birds and insects from entering the buildings.
  • Excellent sealing performance can effectively reduce energy consumption, and wear-resistant polyurethane fiber materialis applied  to         various temperature environ ments.


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