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Product details

US SOLUTION uses a hydraulic power unit to lift the upper main panel of the dock leveller through a main oil cylinder, and a small auxiliary oil cylinder pushes out the lip plate. It is very useful when dock height and truck height is diferent, and through the principle of the dock levellers self-weight drop, the lip plate us lifted to the near of the truck to complete the entire action.
The hydraulic type of dock leveller is currently the most commonly used and also the most widely used loading and unloading platform, with stable performance, simple operation, stable operation, low maintenance rate and easy repair.


  • The overall product is using shot blasting to remove rust and electro-static spray to enhance corrosion resistance and adhesion.
  • Operation very convenient, make the loading and unloading job easy and fast, improve Logistic Efficiency.
  • Installation and service going very easy way and the quality very stability and long life time using .

Meterials Description

  • Upper Plate: 8 mm thickness, anti-skate steel plate
  • Swinging Lip: single 16 mm thickness, 400mm length
  • Support Profile: C type Steel
  • Sealing Element: Japan Brand NOK A505
  • Working Range: -300mm ~ +300mm
  • Adjustment Time: ≤30 seconds (from any position to corresponding maxi linited range)
  • Power: 380V / 220V
  • Electric Control Box: IP55 CPU integrated control system, with screen, display operation status, operation times, fault code and interlock, etc
  • Dynamic Loading Capacity: 6000 ~ 15000kg
  • Dock Bumper: Laminated dock bumper,
  • D100mm x W200mm x L350mm, 2pcs/set
  • Hydraulic System Brand: Germany brand ARGO-HYTOS
  • Paint: antirust paint, primer and finish paint
  • Operating Temperature : +50°C ~ -25°C
  • Color: Blue / Grey / Black, could be customized
  • Noise: < 50db (± 5db)
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