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  • Adopt numerical control pressing production line, roll forming single-layer pressing door plate continuously.
  • The inner and outer plates are made of 0.6-0.7mm-thick alloy aluminum plate, and the surface is treated with two layers of electrostatic polyester baking paint. The baking paint thickness is not less than 28 microns. Guarantee color fastness for more than 15 years.
  • The interior of the door panel contains aluminum alloy transverse reinforcement, vertical reinforcement and support rod.
  • The thickness of door panel is 45mm, and the height of single door panel is 500mm.
  • Integrated pressing and forming of door panel aluminum.
  • The design of the door panel has the function of anti pinch. 
  • Door body wind load: ≥ 700pa.
  • The door panel can be equipped with oval long window. PMMA acrylic glass is used as the window, which has high acid and alkali corrosion resistance (Rockwell hardness value 89 degrees), is not easy to break, and has a light transmittance of up to 92%.
  • Color: the door panel color has white gray ral9010, silver gray ral9006, light blue ral5015 and other colors customized.


  • The external torsion spring is used for balance and accurate balance. In case of power failure, the door can be opened and closed manually, and the force used shall not exceed 220n (4.0m x 4.0m). The torsion spring is made of alloy steel wire 60Si2Mn, phosphated on the surface, low stress, oil tempered, and the cycle service life of the torsion spring must be more than 30000 times.
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