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Sectional Industrial Doors are widely applied for places of facilities-production, ware house, commerical, offce and other permises with heavy traffc intensity, they consist of three main elements: door leaf, track system and torsion mechanism. The door leaf can be made of finger protection sandwich panels transparent panels, and it can be a combined one. It is available in all sliding systems and also with a ange of versions with windows or with an inserted pedestrian door, depending on the ceiling and lintel design, and also other architectural room peculiarities. They are able to offer safety, reliability, advanced technology and personalisation.

  • It adopts the automatic production line imported from Germany to produce the non fluorine polyurethane continuous foaming polyurethane door panel.
  • Both sides are made of 0.5mm thick color coated steel plate, which will not fade for more than 15 years.
  • Polyurethane and steel plate have excellent bonding, heat preservation (heat preservation coeffcient K ≤ 0.024w/m2.°C), uniform density, density ≥ 42kg / m3, workingtemperature (-20°C ~ +90°C).
  • The thickness of door panel is 42mm, and the height of single door panel is 500mm.
  • The thickness of the door panel is 2mm, which can be directly used for the screw fixation of the hinge.
  • The fire resistance of the door panel is Class B1.
  • The design of the door panel has the function of anti pinch.
  • Door body wind load: 50-75kg/m2 (can be strengthened).
  • The convex groove of the door panel is designed with the inlaid groove of the sealant strip
  • Color: available in white grey (ral9010), silver grey (ral9006) or light blue (ral5015).
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